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SHINEGUARD INDUSTRIES offers a complete elevator repair and refinishing service to restore all your Brass, Stainless Steel, Bronze and Copper in elevators and all surfaces to original factory condition. We are experts in Brass & Stainless steel polishing. We have been locally owned and operated since 1975.

Elevator Brass and Stainless Steel Refinish and Repair

Shineguard offers a complete elevator repair and refinishing service to restore all your brass, stainless steel, bronze and copper surfaces in elevators and other surfaces to original factory condition. Why buy an entirely new elevator when you can just refinish the old one to perfect, mint condition? Our service includes removing existing finishes and damage, restoring base metal to original luster, and application of the ‘Shineguard’ finish to seal and protect your surfaces. We do elevator repair to most metal surfaces. We can work on most types of metal surfaces in and out of elevators. Our services include scratch removal, vandalism repair, metal restoration, refurbish, and refinish.

All Shineguard metal restoration projects come with a full one year warranty against oxidation and discoloration. Shineguard protected surfaces are easily maintained. Just wipe with a soft damp cloth followed by a dry cloth, to remove dirt, dust and hand prints. All work is completed on site without costly dismantling. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. We serve all of western and central Canada including, but not limited to, Vancouver, Whistler, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina and Winnipeg.

We do:

  • Vancouver Elevator Repair and Restoration
  • Victoria Elevator Repair and Restoration
  • Whistler Elevator Repair and Restoration
  • Interior BC Elevator Repair and Restoration
  • Calgary Elevator Repair and Restoration
  • Edmonton Elevator Repair and Restoration
  • Regina Elevator Repair and Restoration
  • Winnipeg Elevator Repair and Restoration
  • Western and Central Canada Elevator Repair and Restoration

At Shineguard we strive to meet and exceed your expectations. We take great care to extend the life, increase the value, and enhance the beauty of your metal surfaces. Give us a call if you want to bring new life to your existing metal or just maintain the beauty of it. If those scratches in your elevator have been bothering you way to long!


We offer a solution to restoring brass and stainless steel for a fraction of the cost! Contact us today for a Fee estimate.